ATTENTION! Phishing e-mails
are very active

Dear Readers,

Currently we receive a lot of emails in which we try to crack our seller accounts on eBay and Amazon.
In addition, many fake requests for PayPal in our mailbox.

At first glance, these mails look very similar to the original ones. As soon as we want to react to the mails, we link to a website that looks very similar to the original one, eg from eBay, which requests login. In this login window can be written what you want, it is always prompted to repeat the input.

A closer look at the link reveals that very similar domains are used. EBay becomes eHay. I can well imagine that, the many sellers who are currently in stress, here is clicked on quickly.

eBay example

eBay phishing

Here is an attempt to link to a fake eBay page.

With a click on "answers" we load directly on a page which corresponds to 100% visually the eBay.

Amazon examples

Typical message from alleged customers

bildschirmfoto-2016-10-06-um-18-34-42-2 bildschirmfoto-2016-10-06-um-18-34-35-2 bildschirmfoto-2016-10-06-um-18-36-38-2

PayPal example

Especially Dreist this alleged mail from PayPal which clearly shows that the backers of such mails do not even really know what they do. The mail comes from a German GMX account and is totally miserable formatted.

Whether it's vicious competitions or simple cheats, can not be said exactly. In any case, the IPs were recorded and forwarded to appropriate locations.

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