Why is buying software safe with us?

In order to offer you the safest possible shopping experience, we take a few precautions and active measures every day.
Because we play with open cards, here we provide our measures here.

  • Current SSL certificate
    • Encrypted transmission
    • Rectification of our Domain
    • Phishing and credit card fraud impossible
  • Servers are checked daily for malware and security vulnerabilities
    • The provider Sitelock checks our servers daily
    • Strong passwords and encryption
  • Your data is encrypted with us
  • We only use secure payment providers
  • How to save yourself no payment information
  • We do not sell your data
  • Our goods are always checked for correctness at goods receipt
    • We only buy from certified dealers
  • We don't send them annoying emails
    • We only point out the rating on our review portal

Trust is good, control is even better. If there are new measures, you will always find the current list here.

Updated October 7, 2020
Benjamin Steels

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