Here you will find frequently asked questions about our software range

For questions about our computers, please contact the support below links in the image.

As a rule, you receive regular product updates for the entire product range.
In the case of products with, for example, the suffix "2016", it is generally not obvious that manufacturers offer a free upgrade to the "2017" version.

For many products we offer an upgrade service, please contact us.

Software is always registered specifically to your computer upon activation. Should your computer break down or you purchase a new computer, problems may occur if you re-activate it.

Many manufacturers have recognized this problem and offer, for example, the opportunity to connect their licenses with their email address, so you can freely manage their license.

We always strive to offer you up-to-date software for download. In most cases you can download the software directly from the manufacturer to make sure you get the latest version of the software.

We always go with the times.
This means we check the security of our servers daily and make sure that their data is safe with us.

  • Our software downloads have been scanned for virus by popular solutions
  • Licenses are checked for authenticity and function
  • Our suppliers deliver to 99,99% on time
  • We only buy from certified dealers

For many customers, buying software without a CD or DVD is often bizarre, as you used to buy software right in the store with product packaging, DVD and manual. For some time, many manufacturers offer their software as a download, so that data storage media became superfluous.

This saves you costs for packaging and data carriers and, by the way, protects the environment.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you, so we offer you a large but very clear product catalog.

When paying, it is very important to us that you can shop quickly, easily and at the highest security standard. Immediately after you have paid, you will receive your order for digital deliveries on the same business day within our business hours.

  • Since the software trade has been digitized, massive costs are saved through the simple storage and the elimination of packaging costs.
  • We purchase our goods from certified wholesalers operating across Europe and only buy our software when the prices are in the basement.
  • Through good relationships with some wholesalers, we are able to keep our low prices partly for months.
  • Because we usually buy in larger quantities, we can concentrate better on support and advice, which is why we ask you to contact us directly if you have any questions.
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