AVG PC Tuneup 2021 - Unlimited for 1 year

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AVG PC Tuneup 2020
AVG PC Tuneup 2021 - Unlimited for 1 year

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AVG PC Tuneup 2020
AVG PC Tuneup 2021 - Unlimited for 1 year

Guaranteed legal certainty

It is particularly important to us to rely on the correct licensing of the software. From the start, you will receive technically and, above all, legally correct licenses from us, so that manufacturers cannot require expensive re-licensing for audits.

Our clients include lawyers, architects, schools and other public institutions. What is irrelevant for private customers must be meticulously implemented for business customers.

How safe is shopping at Lichtauf.Computer?

Our business customers will be happy to receive a document upon request, which grants you unlimited right of use. We guarantee you tested software, whether as a download or data medium. In the case of a license audit, we are at your side.

Advantages with us:

  • Delivery note & invoice with VAT.
  • Correct licensing is guaranteed with us and is confirmed by independent auditors
  • Software as download, USB stick or DVD
  • Assistance with the installation as well as support with problems
AVG PC Tuneup 2020
AVG PC Tuneup 2021 - Unlimited for 1 year

Additional information

Weight: 0.00 kg




running time

1 year


There are 32 and 64 bits available



Manufacturer art. No


system requirements

All you need is a PC with Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) or newer, min. 1 GB RAM and 800 MB available space.

For sale is the full version of AVG PC Tuneup 2021 Unlimited which you can count on unlimited devices for 1 year can use! PCs, both old and new, can not escape reality: the more programs you use, the slower the computers become.


Number of devices: 1

Platform (s): Windows

Running time: 1 year

Languages): Multilingual

Why buy from us?

Retail price: 34,95€

Our price: 20,95

savings: 40%

Service promise: 100%

Functional Overview

Higher speed
- IMPROVED Program Deactivator
Put unused programs into sleep mode to increase PC performance and speed up the launch.
- StartUp Optimizer
Scans for programs that slow down the computer's startup and shutdown.
- Uninstall Manager
Identifies and uninstalls unused programs.
- Drive Defrag
Speeds access to your hard drive.

Longer battery life
- Economy mode
Increases battery performance by reducing processor power consumption, stopping unnecessary background processes, and lowering the power consumption of both internal and external devices.
- Flight mode
Protect the battery and comply with the regulations of the airlines: Switch off WLAN® and Bluetooth® with just one click.

Fewer crashes
- Registry cleaner
Clears and cleans up your registry, reducing system crashes.
- Registry Defrag
Reorganize your registry to avoid database problems.
- Disk Doctor
Finds and fixes hard disk problems.
- Shortcut Cleaner
Clears your desktop by deleting broken links.

Electronic delivery of AVG PC Tuneup 2021 Unlimited

After the order has been successfully completed, we will send you the product key for activation on the same working day within our business hours by email. You can download the software directly from the manufacturer's website. You activate the software directly within the software using the product key. We would be happy to help you activate your software.


  • Invoice (Klarna)
  • Installation Guide
  • Download the software
  • Assistance with the installation as well as support with problems

Try it first?

You can download the trial version directly from the manufacturer site. If you like the software, you can unlock the full version the same day. Click here for the manufacturer page.